Dialogue on the Global Economic Crisis

The global financial crisis represents a monumental challenge to the United States and the world at large. To foster a discussion on this vital issue, in the coming months Pop!Tech will be producing a series of interviews and presentations by leading thinkers from a wide variety of perspectives. We begin this conversation with Juan Enriquez’ talk at Pop!Tech 2008, which will soon be joined by other leading thinkers and commentators.

Juan Enriquez at Pop!Tech 2008
10 Commandments for the President Elect - to Save the US Economy

At the 2008 Pop!Tech conference, best-selling author and debt crisis expert Juan Enriquez catalyzed a vigorous debate on the impetuses of the current American economic meltdown – and the immediate actions the country and next U.S. President will have to take to address the situation.  Combining information and ideas from many sources, Juan enumerated an urgent, non-partisan10 point plan, to be implemented during the next administration’s first 60 days.  Enriquez posited that failure to act – or, in his view, further misguided efforts – run the risk of triggering an irreversible economic collapse that could plague the American economy for decades.  

At the beginning and end of his presentation, Juan invited Pop!Tech participants to poke holes in, stress test, question the assumptions of and iterate his draft plan, “because this is too important a topic to get wrong.”  We at Pop!Tech take no official stance on the substantive points of either Enriquez’ diagnosis or his prescription, but we do believe that, whether you agree or disagree, this is a critical conversation for Americans to be having right now. Therefore, Pop!Tech is taking the dialog that began in the Camden Opera House fully into the digital realm.

Watch Juan Enriquez diagnose and prescribe a 10 point remedy to America’s pressing financial ills:

Juan Enriquez (2008) Pop!Tech Pop!Cast from PopTech on Vimeo. (Show Embed Code)

NEW! Refined ’10 Commandments’ presentation slides by Juan Enriquez and Frog Design

Incorporating feedback from the Pop!Tech community, the innovation experts at frog design have partnered with Juan to hone the power and immediacy of his call to action. See an iterated version of the "10 Commandments" presentation here:

10 Commandments for the first 60 Days
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