An exciting, memorable and highly inspiring experience to fill my mind with ideas.
—Marije Vogelzang

Sparks of Brilliance:

Creativity is the essence of our humanity, the great enricher of our lived experience, and the key to our shared resilience. It is found in every person and in every field and endeavor.

But where does our creativity come from? Necessity or daydreams? Ambition or laziness? Purpose or play? Natural genius or rigorous process? All of the above … or some other, nameless place? Can it be taught or amplified? How is the creative instinct expressed differently in business, the sciences, society and the arts? What can these learn from each other? What does science reveal about the inventive mind? How do new platforms of connection and collaboration change the process of innovation? What new imperatives do they create? And how do we meet a world of fierce challenges with a spirit of creative possibility?