VIDEO: Steve Barr, Ashley Merryman, Dennis Littky on Educational Approaches

This week in PopTech 2009 video releases, find out the difference fifteen minutes can make to a child’s cognitive performance in parenting guru Ashley Merryman’s presentation, why school turnaround visionary Steve Barr thinks private school should be outlawed, and the way legendary teacher Dennis Littky has transformed student performance through personalized curriculae.

Watch Steve Barr on fixing failing schools:

According to Steve Barr, the fastest way to fix education in America would be to make private schools illegal. As the founder of Green Dot Public Schools, Barr is devoted to improving public education in blighted cities. His efforts have transformed high schools across Los Angeles into charter schools that send nearly 80% of students to college.

Go Deeper:

- Read the May 2009 New Yorker piece, “Steve Barr’s crusade to remake failing schools”
- Attend the Green Schools Benefit, February 11, 2010 in Venice, CA
- Find out about the recent Gates Foundation grant to Green Dot Schools

Watch Ashley Merryman on parenting:

Ashley Merryman has co-authored numerous articles about parenthood. Over the past two years, she and journalist Po Bronson have collaborated on an award-winning series of articles in New York Magazine. Their most recent work, a book titled NurtureShock, explores cutting edge research that challenges many familiar myths about how to best parent kids.

Go Deeper:

- Follow the NurtureShock blog and on Twitter @NurtureShock
- Read an excerpt from NurtureShock
- See what the NurtureShock authors think about emotional intelligence

Watch Dennis Littky on Big Picture Education:

The co-founder and co-director of Big Picture Learning, Dennis Littky believes that cookie-cutter teaching fails too many students. So Littky works to make alternative, non-standardized curriculums the new standard. Big Picture now has more than 70 schools nationwide.

Go Deeper:

- Start a Big Picture School and become a staff member or volunteer
- Attend an event with Big Picture Learning
- Read an April 2009 Education Week article on five faulty assumptions in education policy

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