Brian Elliot: Who's down with LGBT? Their community

Social Innovation Fellow Brian Elliot describes himself as being “professionally gay”. He confesses that it is not what he set out to do, but as someone who can be legally fired in 29 states, evicted in over 30 and denied over 1,000 federal rights just by the nature of whom he chooses to love, he felt he didn’t have a choice.

Brian Elliot

Elliot stated that over 77% of Americans have a friend who is gay or transgendered. Operating under the principle that friends tend to support their friends, he started the site Friendfactor after receiving an enormous show of support from over 19,000 friends (and strangers!) on his Facebook page when he posted about gay rights. Friendfactor allows gay and straight people who want to support changing discriminatory laws denying basic rights, to network, find information, and organize.

“We can change the way this chapter in history is being written,” said Elliot, “just by being a good friend.”

(Photos: Kris Krüg)

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